The Post Office and Print Shop, Colonial Williamsburg

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Signed, Framed Giclee on Mounted Canvas, 5 ½ ” X 8” Image, O.D. of Frame, 8 ½” X 11” - $135.00
Signed, Framed Giclee on Mounted Canvas, 10” X 15” Image, O.D. of Frame, 12” X 18” - $235.00

In 1736 William Parks published the Virginia Gazette, the first newspaper printed in the colonies. He also became "Public Printer" to the General Assembly and the colony's first postmaster. Several hundred pieces of type and bookbinder's materials were discovered at the site during excavations. The building is considered an almost exact replica of the original because, in 1860, in the background of a daguerrotype of a farmer's prize ox was an old building leaning over to the ground. Researchers determined that it was, in fact, the original post office building.

The original oil painting was painted almost entirely on location on a beautiful November on Duke of Gloucester Street.

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